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Landscaping Design in St. Louis

Knibbs Outdoor offers full service landscape design for residential or commercial properties. Our team of creative and hard-working landscapers can create, plant and maintain your yard and give you the one-of-a-kind look that you crave - no matter what size or condition your yard is in. Knibbs can also assist in the removal or remodeling of landscaping.

At Knibbs, our dedicated team will help you determine what kind of landscaping is right for you. We will measure the sunlight your yard is exposed to and give you a selection of plants and trees to choose to include in your design. Each landscape worker will help you decide what pavers, blocks or mulch goes best with your house and plant selection. Sometimes in a matter of days, depending how big the project is, you will have the yard of your dreams. Knibbs Outdoor can help you keep it healthy and maintained by fertilizing your lawn in the fall and cutting it all summer long.

Retaining Walls
Retaining walls have many purposes. Most often, inresidential cases, the retaining wall is the focal point of the yard, making the yard have character and dimension. Sometimes, retaining walls are more functional and provide structural support. By using up-to-date and stylish retaining wall designs, Knibbs can give you a fabulous look for an affordable price, no matter what type or design you choose.

Paver Patio
Creative patio designs come in a variety of stones, bricks or concrete pavers. No matter what design or material, Let Knibbs handle your next walk way or patio project within your on time and within budget.

Mulching is an important step that is often forgotton year to year among landscapes. Not only does mulch increase your home's curb appeal, and potentially the value, mulch also helps insulate your plants with water. It also keeps their root systems cool from the sunlight and prevents weeds. We offer mulch in several types and colors. Mulching should be done twice a year to keep your plants healthy and happy.

Let Knibbs design and install an irrigation system that suits your yard. Having an irrigation system installed will benefit keep your yard and landscaped beds evenly watered throughout the long summer months. Having an automatic irrigation system will also help you save time and money.

Sprinkler System
Having Knibbs Outdoor install a sprinkler system for you will help you conserve water along with watering your grass evenly and effectively. A sprinkler system will also save you time and worry about watering your grass while you are at home or away.

Outdoor Lighting
Whether you have a new or existing landscape, what better way to feature it than be able to see it in the dark? Knibbs can help create a lighting system unique to your landscape's needs. Knibbs will help you feature certain plants that will help make your landscape look elegant.

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