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lawn maintenanceSt. Louis Lawn Mowing and Lawn Maintenance

St. Louis landscaping companies come in all shapes and sizes and perform all types of services. At Knibb’s Outdoor we can improve your lawn through thoughtful high quality managed lawn care and services. Whether it is for beauty, utility or investment, residential lawn maintenance or commercial grounds maintenance for the last decade Knibb’s Outdoor homeowners and commercial property owners highest quality mowing, weed eating, and lawn fertilization.

Our mowing service is normally scheduled once a week for approximately 30 seasonal cuts, weather permitting, from April through November. At Knibbs Outdoor we mow your lawn to obtain not only the best looking lawn on the block but in addition our mowing process recycles the clippings and returns them back into the lawn to return nutrients to the plants. That saves you money! Hard to reach areas of your lawn where mowers cant reach will be trimmed with string trimmers at the same height as the other lawn areas. And with every mow surfaces such as patios, decks, sidewalks and driveways are blown free of grass clippings.

Our trained experts can create a custom maintenance program that is economical, effective and long lasting. Maintenance is essential to protecting your landscape investment. Landscaping is an important extension of your home or business. Freshly applied mulch in flowerbeds and other landscaped areas of your property adds value and increases your curb appeal. A professionally maintained property will provide many years of enjoyment. It will also allow you to spend less time weeding and correcting problems and more time doing the things you enjoy most.

knibbs testimonials

“I just wanted to say that my yard has never looked better. After years of trying to do it myself, I finally have the best grass in the neighborhood.”
- John and Mary, Ballwin, MO

“This is the first time I have every had a landscaper finish on time and within budget! I will be telling all of my neighbors.”
- Suzanne, St. Charles, MO

“I was very pleased with the clean up. I can just enjoy my new plants and not have to worry about a mess!”
- Lauren, Kirkwood, MO

“We were really impressed with your crew’s creativity and professionalism. We always felt that our landscape project was in good hands. Thank you for giving us what we really wanted out of our yard.”
- Mary Beth and Keith, South County

“Knibbs just installed all of our landscaping and a new irrigation system. The team did an excellent job and we will be working with them again!”
- Jeff and Rita, Clayton, MO

"Thanks for keeping our property so beautiful this year. We will be sure to call you in the spring."
- John and Pat, Edwardsville, IL

"Thank you and your crew for all your hard work building our retaining wall. We had talked to several different companies about this project be chose you based on your reputation and reasonable cost. Thank you for not letting us down!"
- Tom and Linda, St. Charles, MO

Spring, Summer, Fall, and even Winter -- Knibbs Outdoor has a seasonal lawn maintenance guide to keep your lawn healthy during any kind of weather. Remember: Your lawn needs care no matter what season.

spring lawn maintenance

• Fertilize your yard prior to summer.
• Spray pest control around the outer perimeter of your home.
• Dethatch your lawn. If you don't have or want to use a dethatcher, use a rake to give your yard a good "wake up" to the season.
• Check the pH level in your soil to see how acidic it is. If it is below a 6.0 or 7.0, add lime to lower the acidity.
summer lawn maintenance
• Clean any mulch or dirt away from brick and siding to deter any insect intruders.
• Evenly water your entire yard.
• Mow your yard once a week to encourgae optimum grass growth.
• Make sure to mow your grass when it is dry to avoid grass clumping and possibly spreading disease throughout your yard.
• Mow your yard at the highest setting recommended for your grass. This will help protect its root system from damage from the sunlight.

fall lawn maintenance

• Because the temperature is dropping and grass growth is declining, reduce mowing as often as you do in the summer.
• Aeriation is a good thing to do to better allow oxygen, nutrients and water to get to the root system of your grass.
• To help your lawn is at its fullest in the spring, use winterizing fertilizer - it gives your lawn the nutrients it misses during the cold winter months.
• Be sure to rake any leaves or sticks before fertilizing.
• Winterize irrigation system if necessary.
• Seed any areas that have little or no grass.

winter lawn maintenance

• Clean your yard of any stray branches or sticks. When a snowfall comes, it suffocates the yard waste and kills the grass under it.
• Bring all hoses and sprinklers indoors to avoid damaging them.
• If the ground is frozen, and there is no snow, try not to walk on your grass - it will break down your lawn's root system.
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